Joys & Frustrations Of Reading & Writing Mystery & Suspense

award winning murder mystery suspense author

Reading and writing is one thing. We all do it at some stage of the working or productive day, to be sure. After you have finished scrutinizing the morning’s news, you are mired in endless reams of memos, emails and online data that forms part of the heavily congested side of your professional life. And you have to respond in kind too. In writing.

But when all is said and done, there is nothing better than relaxing in your favorite armchair at home with an absolute thriller of a book.

This is what reading for pleasure is all about. Murders, mysteries and suspense-filled stories continue to occupy leading bestseller lists. The best books are always up for awards every year. So, if you really want a thrill and a spill of a night in your armchair, you’ll be scrolling the net for an award winning murder mystery suspense author. Do not be at all surprised if, perhaps, you have not heard of the author before. That is to say that in your busy schedule you have really only had time to pull from the shelves what they refer to as popular, pulp or airport fiction.

Now, try writing a spy thriller or a murder mystery.

It is quite frustrating, isn’t it? After all, you hardly have any real-life experiences to fall back on in these type of genres. Apart from actual work experience in these fields, say, in the secret services or as a law enforcement officer, there’s quite a lot of research that goes into the making of these page-turners. So, you’ve had a long day. Sink your head back in bed with a book.

There is no danger of you nodding off to sleep just yet.