The Greasepaint And The Bright Lights

There are literally thousands of people who are stage struck. For every one who makes it even in a minor way, there are countless others who turn their backs on the hassle and become the best AmDram Rosencrantz or Guildenstern ever.

What do you have to do to make it as a theater director new york? Well, there’s one thing for sure, you do need plenty of practice. Here are a few other things you might consider too.

Form a company

Why not, there are loads of people like you. There’ll be artists out there who want the work. Don’t think this is the easy way, because it is first. This is probably the hardest way because you will need to fund this yourself and that makes things even harder. But on the other hand, if nothing else is working – then what have you got to lose.

Become an assistant

This is a bit safer. You’re going to get a lot of experience this way, and it’s sort of the ‘walk before you can run’ route to getting the big gig. Tried and tested but not guaranteed. But then nothing is.

theater director new york

Read and read some more

No matter how much you’ve read there’s always more. You’ll have missed something. There’ll be a point you didn’t get, and the wider read you are, the bigger your idea pool. That way when you are talking to actors they will believe you.

Yes, you have to hang with theater people

If you don’t want to, then really perhaps you should go back and consider being an accountant because if you’re a director, this is your life. You’re up late, you sleep late, and the dark with pinpoints of light is your friend. The other people? They’re your friends too.