While everyone could be a filmmakerÂ…

Although they are two different disciplines, there are some parallels between professional filmmakers and professional photographers. Besides the fact that once upon a time both of them used to use celluloid, both are involved in a profession where what they do looks easy until you try it and both have fallen prey to the digital world.

Filmmaking la crescenta is well aware of the digital effect. This is a bit like Murphy’s Law, the idea if something can go wrong it will do. Digital law states that if something can be done technologically it will be and when it becomes mass market everyone will become an expert. Except they don’t, because videoing something on your phone is not filmmaking.

Filmmaking is an art. That’s why they create an Academy and give out awards. It is because the professionals know how to take something and put it in a way the rest of us simply don’t see.  We can look at the same scenery and they will see a vast sweep of land they can use to create a soaring shot from a bird’s eye perspective. It conveys beauty, but only a thin coat under which reality is suggested by not visible. We see a hillside.

Filmmaking la crescenta

To get these fantastic shots which evoke emotion not just recognition. The professional filmmaker makes use of the latest in digital equipment, which could be anything from the latest in lens types to the ability to combine two slightly different views into a single one.

Here’s the good news though. If you’re a nascent filmmaker you don’t have to have all this fantastic equipment to hand. You can rent it. When you think about it, this is almost as big a step forward as the equipment. See you at the Oscars.